P vs NP هي تصانيف للمشاكل التي يمكن حلها في وقت متعدد الحدود. P هي المشاكل التي يمكن حلها (بكفاءه) و NP هي المشاكل التي يمكن حلها (بدون كفاءه). لأن المشاكل في P (المشاكل التي يمكن حلها بكفاءه ,أي في تصنيف P) يمكن أيضا حلها بدون كفاءه. نقول بأن جميع المشاكل في P هي أيضا في… Read More

Even though I don’t like it myself, I think it has been phenomenal in terms of mobile devices interfaces. I see the iOS as one of the major transitions of all what it was used for.  MP3 players now are enormously different than what it is these days, the iPod touch has been breath taking… Read More

Do you think the singularity will actually come to pass, or will we never achieve that level of technology? I would say that we would reach a time where we would see the machine behave and think as if it was the one who thought or decided, while in reality, the decision was made after lots… Read More

How (relatively) inexpensive CGI effects have changed how movies are made CGI in movies recently are looking extremely realistic and fictional figures are looking actually real. It let’s the movies become more thrilling and deeper. The rise of Computer Animation (and the death of traditional animation) The main reason is obviously the manual drawing and… Read More

One of the things that I can make a pattern of from my everyday life is getting ready for school. It requires multiple steps, the more there are steps, the higher the chance of getting late for school. So, I begin with what are the steps: start from the bedroom, getting up. going to the… Read More

What makes Tim Berners-Lee interesting to me? To say the inventor of the World Wide Web is absolutely enough, even though he was not alone developing the protocols of it. He was the leader of such development. Also, he is now the director of w3c, which is a “Web standards organization founded in 1994 that… Read More

Welcome to my blog! I have just made this blog to be used for (Introduction to Computing Science), but it might push me to post regularly beyond the class! Have fun 🙂… Read More